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Clinical Hypnosis Workshop 

Special Guest Faculty: Betty Alice Erickson

          WCI offers annual Clinical Hypnosis Training for Health Care Professionals that is approved by American Society for Clinical Hypnosis for continuing education. The 6th Annual Clinical Hypnosis Workshop for Health Care Professionals will be April 29-May 1st, 2005. Click here to see the brochure with registration information in PDF format.

Course Description

This program is intended for physicians, psychologists, dentists, counselors, social workers and professionals in related fields (see admission requirements). It is intentionally labeled a workshop since it is designed to be a "hands-on" experience. While it utilizes didactic presentations and demonstration, all participants will be given supervised training in the induction of trance and its utilization. Because of the emphasis on supervised practice, the number of workshop participants is limited.

         Basic: for those who have little or no experience in formal hypnosis training and in utilizing hypnosis with patients/clients. Basic induction techniques will be taught and practiced in small groups. Principles of deepening and termination as well as utilization will be addressed. Participants will learn self-hypnosis.

         Intermediate/Advanced: Designed to assist those who have some formal training including basic knowledge and skills in hypnosis and who have utilized hypnosis with patients/clients. In addition to a review of basic techniques, the advanced workshop will emphasize the importance of language, the use of metaphor, and in-depth consideration of various utilizations and applications. Participants in the intermediate/advanced track will have the opportunity to pursue special sessions of interest to physicians, dentists, and therapists.

         Participants will be able to interact with faculty in a number of ways including the "conversation" times listed in the program outline. These are times for small group interaction with a faculty member centered around a special interest. Regardless of track, all participants will be able to choose from a number of topics during each of these conversation times. There will be a variety of conversation topics including hypnosis for habit control, healing, pain control, hypnosis with children, and medical applications.

Course Objectives

Completion of this course should give you a better understanding of:

  • Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.
  • The use of formal hypnotic inductions.
  • How to utilize hypnosis in your practice.
  • The personal use of autohypnosis.

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