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The WCI Foundation
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What is the WCI Foundation?

          The WCI Foundation is a charitable corporation formed through the creative efforts of Holly Forester-Miller, PhD, LPC, NCC, President of Wellness Counsultants International, PLLC in Durham, and Martha Simpson, PhD, a licensed psychologist with HRC, PA in Raleigh. The WCI Foundation's mission is to offer medical hypnosis and self-hypnosis training for individuals who are seriously ill and would not otherwise be able to afford these integrative medicine services. Research has shown hypnosis to be a very beneficial treatment and/or adjunctive treatment for a large variety of illnesses. Individuals are using hypnosis to manage such conditions as IBS, migraines, pain, back problems, insomnia, the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, psychological traumas, anxiety, and to prepare for surgery.

       The purpose of the WCI Foundation is to make self-hypnosis training available to more people through both group and individual sessions and through public seminars. The foundation will also offer stipends to full time students in the health care profession for clinical hypnosis training. In the future as funds become available, the foundation will assist with implementing research projects in clinical hypnosis.




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